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Harbor freight wood workbench

harbor freight wood workbench

I checked the local Craig's List and Harbor Freight for a tool chest or work bench and came up with the Harbor Freight 60" hardwood. It has a built in tail vise, made from wood with a large screw through the center. It has dog holes bored in parallel rows down the middle. I needed a quick workbench so I could set up for gun maintenance and reloading away from the dust of the woodshop. The wood bench with four. ULTRAVNC SC GENERATOR DOWNLOAD

Perhaps Im not using the right key words? PKAero Well-known member. YNOT2K said:. Click to expand Joined Nov 11, Messages I am thinking about getting one when I get my garage finished this summer. They look pretty nice. Just build one out of locally U. Add on a Vise U. Probably will cost about the same and you can tell people you made it yourself.

I have one. For the money spent I suppose it isn't bad. However, I probably wouldn't do it again. I should have built my own, but was trying to save time due to an overload of projects. Tim The Tool Man Well-known member. Voi Well-known member. A friend of mine got one from a HF parking lot sale for a ridiculously cheap price.

He said for the price he's happy to have it but probably wouldn't do it again. He does both leather work and light wood working on it and he says it just moves around too much so he pretty much uses it to layout his tools now and does the work elsewhere. He did say it's nice looking and that he may re-purpose it for his living room. A handtool woodworker would not look twice at that bench. It is not substantial enough. The drawer glides suck terribly.

Bolted together, side by side, they make a handy, decent looking, assembly table. A friend of mine uses one as an entertainment center as has been happy with it in that capacity. Actual woodworking use? I wouldn't. If you're going to spend the money, just go ahead and build one that will stand up to so more usage. Everything looks to be screwed together on flat surfaces.

Granted, it's a nice looking piece but"m one for wanting to build it better myself, I like to "overbuild" stuff. BlackdogGS Well-known member. I just bought one to use as a reloading bench in my basement. It will be fine for what I bought it for. One complaint is the drawers don't pull out far enough. For the heavy work I have a pound steel bench in my garage. Joined Sep 14, Messages Location Ohio. Bought one a few years ago and use it for cleaning guns after a range visit, works well Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

Kaizen Well-known member. My Old Tools Well-known member. A usual it depends on what you are going to use it for. As a table to set stuff on its probably fine. The end vise is just barely ok. Mine had a front vise that was terrible. If you try to do something like clamp down a board to hand plane it, it will rack badly and it isn't heavy enough to stay in place.

I replace mine with a Ulmia. Seems nice enough for the price. Previous owner used it for a reloading bench. It went straight into the storage unit for now since I'm moving next month, but once I get settled in I'll be mounting a vise to it and putting it to work. Joined Apr 16, Messages Location I. I use one very lightly, mainly as a place to sit in the garage.

My real work station is a Gladiator. As I was leaving the store with it another customer saw it and warned me that the dog holes go all the way through the surface so that I'd need to put something on the bottom of the holes above the drawers to keep sawdust out of them. I took his advise and did this during assembly and am very glad I did. That much was a blessing.

And I've enjoyed using it so far, it's nice to have a solid, flat surface for assembly of things I make, as well as just general counter space and extra storage. I was thinking of actually getting 3 more of these and using 2 of them along the wall as a counter top with the drawers and shelf underneath as storage, for woodworking or just general stuff not related to woodworking at all.

I'd remove their vises, and then take the other two benches and push them together in the middle of the shop for one large center located bench, and add the extra vises to them as face vises. Having them this way, I could make a large square bench right in the middle for bulky projects, or arrange them longways to one another for extra long projects.

I have the space in the shop and thought this would be a good idea. Now I don't know. Also, the thought occurs to me that having the two in the center separated would mean that they may not be on the same plane of levelness due to ups and downs in the floor. That could be bad for trying to assemble furniture and relying on a flat surface for squaring up things.

Google Sponsor Google Sponsor. If it has been working for you, don't let outside influences make you see it in a poorer light. If it is falling short, keep using it and keep track of those things that bother you and you can factor that in to some future bench, if any. Through dog holes are a must for me as I have no patience for cleaning them out.

Hard for me to improve on Glenn's comments, since I was thinking exactly the same thing. This isn't an "I'm considering buying I don't think there IS any better guide than your first-hand experience, over time, as you use the bench. You'll find its strengths and weaknesses, and then At which point, you'll have a nice assembly table, either way. Originally Posted by Duane Bledsoe. I do like the bench too, but we bought it before I knew anything about workbenches at all But since yesterday I've been reading Join Date Nov Posts If your wife bought you a workbench, your "honey do" list must be long!

It was gifted to you by your wife who probably has a impressive lists of honey do's but it was given in love. Appreciate it for that. Use it to help make another bench in the future. FWIW it doesn't look to be that bad of a bench. Join Date May Posts 2, Duane-- for solid worktable tops, it's hard to beat commercial doors. I bought a bunch of these used for 5 bucks each.

Add some 4x4 or cabinet bases and you will be good to go. Even recycled kitchen cabinets. As for a traditional woodworking bench with dogs- a really good bench is several multiples of what you paid. Maybe even about 20 times what you paid, depending on what you want. If you are patient, they do come up used sometimes for less than what the vises would cost. Or wait until you figure out what you want and make one. Duane, Excellent comments already from the group here, so I won't go into great detail.

What I will say is that look what you started out with nothing and now look at what you have - a decent bench. I've seen those benches at HF and I was pretty impressed by them myself. As Glenn said, I prefer holes going all the way through so sawdust doesn't collect in the holes.

I think the only question you should be asking yourself now is -- "what do you want me to build you first honey? I would not put anything under the dog holes. The holes will fill up with wood and become useless. Cover the drawers, don't block the holes. Loose fittings dogs are fine as long as they don't fall. They just need to stay where you put them. If you dont like where the holes are, drill new holes.

I probably wouldn't buy anymore, but I would take a few hours to fix this up to your liking and then get to work on projects. I agree with John about drilling new holes. No problem. As for the usefulness, I built a nice woodworking bench and still have need for minor benches for sanding grinding and sharpening.

Even as you grow in your needs, I bet this one is still useful. Are you planning on using the bench for planing? If so, and if this is not substantial enough, I know of at least 3 techniques to make it more useful: 1 Add weight through sandbags or something else. Veni Vidi Vendi Vente! I came, I saw, I bought a large coffee!

Harbor freight wood workbench wood workbench with wheels harbor freight wood workbench

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Fortinet technologies burnaby bc I bought a bunch of these used for 5 bucks each. Seems this is an annoyance for some though, but I haven't had a problem at all. Having them this way, I could make a large square bench right in the middle for bulky projects, or arrange them longways to one another for extra long projects. They are great but we ran into problems with the drawer slides just not working right on one. It's one of those classic HF 'I should have bought x instead' items. DDrag50 Member. The Store.
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