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Splashtop android gaming reddit

splashtop android gaming reddit

r/Android - Splashtop Remote Desktop HD And GamePad THD On Sale In The Play that I already have Remote Desktop, but I need a seperate app to play games. This little reddit hub is dedicated to Windows Phone 7, 8, Windows 10 Mobile + Thanks, use this on Android so I already have the client and everything. Splashtop 2 Now Available for Android Tablets– Top Remote Desktop App is Faster, and gaming experience, with super low latency. THUNDERBIRD TO PST CONVERTER FREE DOWNLOAD

Can reply to msgs. Transfer files from your Pc easily. It also has GPS incase you lose your phone and you can remote wipe and lock it. Paid version can take pictures over the net. I think its better than android device manager with a bunch of other perks. I wouldn't use Teamviewer right now , a lot of people have had issues with that right now being hacked. Have you tried Splashtop?

Well I have pretty much the same situation, double everything because me and my wife have the same stuff. I will just tell how I work with them. Sometimes I use it to leave my PC on like downloading stuff and I can check the progress and control it from my tablet on bed or living room or anywhere.

I use the tablet mostly for games and browsing at home when PC is off, and phone when I am away from home, so I keep everything synced on Google, so I can see open tabs on chrome on any device, sync mail, messages etc. You can use some chat apps on PC and vice-versa, Whatsapp or Facebook messenger comes to mind.

I use chromecast to mostly cast videos to my TV since the TV is kind of old and does not support some formats, but sometimes I cast apps. The most weird thing I ever did was remote-control my computer from the tablet, and use chrome cast on the computer to cast the computer to chromecast on the TV, basically making me see on the TV my PC and use the tablet as a remote control.

And for really power users you can use Tasker to automate stuff to the level of having it communicate between devices. For instance, I can automate when my tablet and phone are close together, or when either is near home wifi to know if I am home or not, I use tasker with location services to keep my and my wife's "general about" usually city district online, and the tablet will speak out when we move, like "Wife moved to town center" or "Wife is near home" I also use tasker to keep all my devices battery levels on a centralized webpage, and again, the tablet will warn whenever any device is low on battery.

I even have actions for when the phone detects the car's Bluetooth so it knows I am going for a ride, or just left the car. Cast is an extra. What you are referring to is called streaming. A lot of people therefore don't play the games on the phone, but only use the phone to display the image of a game from a PC.

This isn't supported without extra software, so you need a dedicated app, all of which cost money, the free test versions are limited to a few minutes. On Android you can try to achieve the same with free screen sharing apps like Splashtop not the best option and running FreePIE in the background to get the head rotation data from the phone to the PC, but the process isn't simple and usually the results are not as good as the commercial apps.

For technical reasons USB works a lot better, and even there you are pretty much limited to resolutions of p at 30FPS or below due to bandwidth limits of the USB connection. You also get a significant lag between your head movement and the time the rendered image is shown, which can cause severe nausea in a person who is sensitive to this. It is therefore important to use the trial versions to see how well it works for you. These limits cannot be overcome until smartphones come with better hardware to support such uses.

If you manage to get a working connection from PC to phone, you still need to get games that weren't designed for VR to react to the head movement. Software like Trinus VR reads the gyroscope sensor on the phone and sends it to the PC, where it is interpreted as mouse movement with software like OpenTrack.

If the game supports looking around with the mouse, you can then look around with your head. And as hardly any game supports showing two images for the eyes, you need a 3D injector like vireio to do this. While the stereoscopy can often be "forced" into a game, the controls cannot be changed.

The only option is to fake the expected input types, i. The software cannot add head movement to the existing mouse movement, which would allow you to look around while still aiming with the mouse. If the game supports separating aiming and view direction, this may be configurable, but in most cases you will aim where you look. Many people want to use Cardboard like the Oculus Rift, but these are very different devices.

Technically the Oculus Rift is a monitor that is connected to a PC. A phone is not, so there are many extra steps required, all of which can go wrong. A number of PC games have direct, native support for the Oculus Rift, while most existing software has to be adapted with 3D injectors. Those with native support work and play a lot better, and no games have native support for streaming to a phone.

Trinus VR takes a lot of steps to make the whole experience as smooth and plug and play as possible, but using a phone to display games forced into 3D with rotation data used for mouse emulation is kind of a large stack of hacks build on top of each other. So if the games you want to play aren't "officially" supported, expect problems. You'll probably also get problems if they are supported, but at least those may be manageable.

All that said a lot of people love using Cardboard to stream PC games, you should only be aware that it isn't necessarily a smooth process and that you need to be kind of immune to high latency and low frame rates. If you are not, the whole experience can turn out to be rather horrible. You can sideload splashtop on the stick and download the program for PC. I don't use Trinus Gyre, but it should be completely independent of it. What makes Trinus Gyre different from other steaming solutions is that it takes the gyroscope data from the phone and translates it into mouse movement on a PC.

Using an external IMU connected directly to the PC makes head tracking independent of the phone itself. You could replace Trinus Gyre with Splashtop or similar apps. The primary benefit of an external IMU is better control over sampling rate, calibration and sensor fusion, so it can significantly reduce drift compared to some phones, where you always depend on the quality of the build in sensor and SDK.

The free Foculus software is used to get the sensor data, OpenTrack a FreeTrack fork to translate it into mouse movements. The Remote Control app from TeamViewer is one of the best ways to manage an Android device from afar. As it stands, the Remote Control app for Android offers intuitive gesture commands, two-way file sharing, and screen sharing across phones, computers, and tablets.

Insufficient network bandwidth may result in delays of up to several seconds, but usually no more. When you tap the Snapshot icon, the screen will be captured exactly as it currently appears, with all annotations you have added. Skip to content Home » Other » Does Splashtop work on a tablet? Table of Contents. Is 10 Porutham enough for marriage? What causes chest pain and numbness in left arm?

Splashtop android gaming reddit citrix f1 simulator price

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splashtop android gaming reddit

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Splashtop is the easiest, fastest, secure remote desktop app for accessing your Windows or Mac computer using your Android phone or tablet, from anywhere and at anytime! Over 30 million users are enjoying Splashtop today, and you should too! Use Splashtop for free to access your computer on the local network with best-in-class video streaming performance.

Get full access to ALL of your applications, documents, emails, full browser with Flash and Java support, and games. Also get full access to your entire media library and documents. And more! Splashtop Personal is for non-commercial use only, i. For commercial use in a professional environment, please use Splashtop Business which is designed for the workplace offering enhanced manageability, security, and compliance www.

Use the built-in profiles for popular apps or create your own. Great for presentations and classroom instruction. Reviews Review policy and info. And just to clarify, the Configurable Shortcuts and Gamepads app will require you to be up and running with Splashtop 2. While you are waiting for the app to make its way into the Google Play Store, make sure and check out the demo video above.

Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Android Community. Rei Padla - January 4, The new Fan Edition comes out a month before Huawei Watch D officially announced in China December 26, Latest Stories.

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