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Warning get data disk fail fortinet

Hi, currently, we are using FortianalyzerB to analyzes and reports on log data from Fortigate We received errors at Alert Message. If the data disk failed to mount, you should see this log message: pri=alert device_id=FV-1KC3R timezone="(GMT)Eastern Time(US & Canada)". When a disk is almost full it consumes a lot of resources to find the free space and organize the files. Clean all unused files routinely. |4. SACONNEY HILL SOFTWARE DEVELOPER AT CISCO


Hi, currently, we are using FortianalyzerB to analyzes and reports on log data from Fortigate We received errors at Alert Message Console' s widget: 1. You should run ' diag sys file-system fsfix'. If unsuccessful, you can also try running ' diag sys file-system fsrebuild'. Is my FA gonna be just fine? What are the risks if these commands the command must be running under CLI Console, right? And how long the time will be taken to execute of these commands?

Our FA Harddisk' s size is But we still received the same errors. How to fix it? What does it means and how to fix them? All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Hi, and welcome to the forums! You seem to have serious trouble with your FAZ.

First of all, I would recommend you get professional help to guide you. Depending on your service contract you may open a support case with Fortinet, especially if it includes phone support or web chat. This is like a ' fsck' on a UNIX machine meaning it might take some time.

I will not give in to estimate what that would be in your case, more likely hours than minutes. This should fix the apparent file system errors. It looks to me like you' ve had a lot of power outages which made the FAZ reboot. Could that be the case here? It' s just what it says. The route to the DNS might be missing, or a firewall in between might block this traffic Your FAZ ran out of memory. During this emergency situation a file needed to be quarantined or a log file had to be rolled over and the device just couldn' t do it.

You should check what makes the FAZ go screaming like this. It is definitely not a situation to live with and ignore. Ede "Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler! Thank you for the warm welcome You seem to have serious trouble with your FAZ.

That' s what I' m worried about First of all, I would recommend you get professional help to guide you. To be honest, I' m new with FAZ. Looks like my boss didn' t want to continue purchasing license or contract from Fortinet Technical Support. Where to find or how to know the latest firmware releases from Fortinet' s products? And is it upgrading a firmware espesially for our FAZ will charged us? You' re almost right. Such as trying to change the database storage from Local database to to the default proprietary indexed file storage system.

Just same. I' m also have another question. It' s very often that I can' t view them. The widgets that I can always view its all expanded detail is only two: Virus Activity and Instrusion Activity. Is it goes like that? Because of I can' t view another widgets details, I' m also very often reboot the machine I can only view them just for a while maybe 5 or 10 minutes. I mean, it will not be error our FAZ can' t operate anymore? I' ve asked our network team and they said it' s a firewall blocked the traffic.

How to check it? I' m new with FAZ. I just read the manual. Maybe I' ll ask my boss to train me with FAZ technical. Hi, I don' t think your FAZ is outdated. It' s a recent model, one of the bigger ones, and running recent firmware. The entries for " VM" indicate the status for Vulnerability Management. It' s not necessary for logging and analysis.

Try to find out what your service level is. Maybe you are entitled to support but just don' t know it. I can only recommend what I would do about the file system message: run the diag command and wait until the disk is fixed. A flaky file system will not grow better over time.

I don' t think that you might not get your disk back. Save your configuration beforehand! From what you reported I guess that there is just an internal reboot counter which triggers after say 50 reboots. Then the diag file system check would be a precaution only but nevertheless worth doing it. In general, be gentle with the machine and reboot only if absolutely necessary. Databases don' t like that much. In normal circumstances it would take years to reboot a FAZ 57 times Please read into the Admin Guide again about the file system choices.

In my understanding the ' internal indexed file system' is identical to the ' Local database'. Only recently Fortinet introduced the option to store the data in a SQL database both internally and externally. This allows a lot more detail in analyzing but it doesn' t run with the ' old' reports - you' ll have to build your reports from scratch. For example, on a FortiRecorder D with a single properly functioning internal hard disk plus its internal flash disk, this command should show:.

Try to reboot and run the file system check. However, there still could be other problems preventing the file system from functioning, such as being mounted in read-only mode, which would prevent new logs and other data from being recorded. If the file system could not be fixed by the file system check, it may be physically damaged or components may have worn out prematurely. Most commonly, this is caused by either:.

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Open vnc server windows 7 FGTA-1 exec backup disk alllogs ftp backup all logs to ftp server tftp backup all logs to tftp server. Thanks in advance for any info anyone can provide. If the problem occurs while FortiWeb is still running or after an initial reboot and attempt to repair the file systemin the CLI, enter:. Both logging and WAN Optimization can use hard disk space to save data. Help Sign In.
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