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Citrix access essential

citrix access essential

Please follow these instructions to install your SSL certificate on Citrix Access Essentials: 1. Once you received your SSL certificate by e-mail. Citrix Workspace Essentials provides end-users with simplified, secure, and VPN-less access to Web apps, SaaS, virtualized apps, and data. Show More. How to generate an SSL Certificate CSR in Citrix Access Essentials. Open the Access Essentials "Quick Start Tool." From the Setup tab, select "External. POLYMAIL DOES NOT DISPLAY MESSAGES CORRECTLY

Choosing the appliance-based CAG includes support for additional applications and protocols. The software-based Secure Gateway is not only less secure but is also limited to supporting traffic directed to computers running XenApp or XenDesktop. Therefore, organizations that use the Secure Gateway might also have to deploy a remote access solution for other types of internal network resources, adding additional expense and management workload for already busy administrators.

CAG can handle your organization's remote access needs by securing traffic to applications hosted by Citrix XenApp and desktops hosted by Citrix XenDesktop as well as access to internal resources, such as e-mail, internal Web applications, and network file shares. The following diagram illustrates that users connecting from the Internet pass through the external corporate firewall to the Access Gateway. Possibly, even native protocols are converted to non-Citrix products when using a full VPN connection.

CAG, as mentioned already, can run as a virtual appliance or on physical hardware. The physical hardware device is a dedicated Citrix NetScaler appliance and comes in various shapes and sizes. Model Appliance represents entry-level dedicated hardware and supports Access Gateway 5.

In this book we will focus on Access Gateway 5. You can install Model in the DMZ or the secure network. The preconfigured IP address of the Access Gateway is Citrix will tell you that you are able to change the IP address using a serial cable and a terminal emulation program such as Microsoft Windows Telnet Client, or you can connect Access Gateway using network cables and Access Gateway Management Console in Access Gateway 5.

Usually, connecting via the network to change the IP address is the simplest method; just ensure you are plugged into a non-production environment when making the change, and then switch the appliance back into the DMZ. This model boasts multiple processors, and from that, you can gain faster throughput and more concurrent connection support. Citrix provides Access Gateway in multiple forms to suit your organizational needs.

This model supports Access Gateway Enterprise Edition. The preconfigured IP address of Access Gateway is The IP address is changed in the same way as Model Other hardware appliances are available to support the growing amount of concurrent connections that you may require. The main difference between the models is their hardware specifications. The higher the specification of the hardware, the more users the appliance will support, and it will be quicker in those tasks.

One of the first tasks in the planning of your appliance is to answer the question "how many concurrent connections do we need to support? The following table conveniently lists each of the hardware appliances and their main specifications:. The very latest version of Access Gateway, as of June , is Access Gateway 10, which is being introduced as a replacement for Access Gateway 9. Both the Access Gateway 9. The earlier editions of Access Gateway Version 4. Many of the features are the same, but it is the enterprise class high availability of the premium models that sets them apart.

Much of this high availability can be mirrored within your virtual host environment if you choose to use the VPX editions. To gain an appreciation of where Citrix began on the Access Gateway product, we introduce to you the major milestones for the product under the ownership of Citrix Systems. Milestones of Access Gateway include:. Each of these TCP connections will be associated with a different class of service.

ICA traffic has always implemented multiple internal channels. These channels represent clipboard mapping, audio, drive mappings, and so on. Web socket protocol support that allows bi-directional communication between user devices and servers over HTTPS. Secure remote access for the most demanding and complex environments that require increased scalability and performance.

High availability of guaranteed access to resources and compliance with Service-level agreements SLA s. Highest level of integration and control of remotely delivered Citrix XenApp applications, data through SmartAccess endpoint analysis , and published desktops with Citrix XenDesktop. Natural progression for existing XenApp customers who have used the Secure Gateway and wish to benefit from the added security and full VPN access.

Enterprise-class SSL VPN features, including client-side cache cleanup, detailed auditing, and policy-based access control for web and server applications. Ability for remote users to work with files on shared network drives, access e-mail and intranet sites, and run applications as if they are working within your organization's firewall. Support for the Access Gateway universal license. Access Gateway 9. There were no new features in version 9.

High availability for guaranteed access to resources and compliance with SLAs. Highest level of integration and control of remotely delivered Citrix XenApp applications, data through SmartAccess, endpoint analysis , and published desktops with Citrix XenDesktop. Enterprise-class SSL VPN features, including client-side cache clean-up, detailed auditing, and policy-based access control for web and server applications.

Support for the Access Gateway universal license; these licenses enable SmartAccess and can be purchased separately but are also bundled with XenApp Premium Edition. Earlier versions of Access Gateway Enterprise Edition exist, but these versions are enough to cater for what you will encounter in the current market.

The Gateway has two modes of operation, Standalone and Controller. Access Controller is an additional piece of software that is installed onto Windows Server R2 to allow access policies to be defined from within the standard XenApp Group Policies filters.

The focus of this book is on Access Gateway in Standalone mode. The key features of Citrix Access Gateway are as follows:. The purpose of this book is to specifically help you understand and deploy the VPX edition of Access Gateway. As organizations have increased their use of remote access solutions, Citrix has had to cater to that need with a diverse offering of systems.

These solutions need to provide the same flexibility as the customer base is diverse. Access Gateway VPX is a virtual appliance delivering the same features and functionality as the Model physical appliance.

Natural progression for existing XenApp customers, who have used the Secure Gateway and wish to benefit from the added security and full VPN access. Meeting the needs of green IT by reducing cooling needs and power consumption within the data center. Minimizing downtime by utilizing the HA infrastructure that is already maintained with your virtual machine hosts, maximizing the investment that you have with Citrix XenServer or VMware.

In simple terms, the virtual appliance is an easy choice for organizations that already implement a virtual machine infrastructure. Citrix suggests a maximum of concurrent users on each virtual appliance. The VPX is downloaded from the Citrix website. If you do not already have a MyCitrix login, you will be required to register for an account.

The following screenshot shows the console screen from Citrix Access Gateway while running on XenServer:. So, now we understand a little of what the CAG models can provide for us and are clear that we can use hardware or virtual appliances. At this point, we can take the opportunity to review the security solutions provided with CAG and how to design a secure deployment.

Part of a secure solution will be making sure the system maintains its presence. Partly, that involves not overloading the system. If you're using the VPX, make sure you have enough appliances deployed and load-balanced. When connecting from the Internet, your remote users are going to connect into your server farms and request a published application from XenApp or a virtual desktop from XenDesktop. The corresponding ICA file that is returned to the client will contain the IP address of the server that will accept the connection.

This is usually a private IP Address and the client will have no route to the network. If remote users are presented with the internal address of the hosted applications or desktops, they will not be able to connect. If you were planning on using a WildCard in Access Essentials, please contact E-Tugra support for information on alternatives.

Enter, if required, an entry for the organizational unit field to be included in the certificate, then click Next. The organizational unit is meant to be the name of your department within the organization frequently this entry will be listed as "IT," "Web Security". Click the option to "Manually submit the certificate request to a Certificate Authority" and then Next.

Remember the filename that you choose and the location to which you save it. You will need to open this file as a text file and copy the entire body of it including the Begin and End Certificate Request tags into the online order process when prompted.

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