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Some FTP/SFTP details such as host name, username and password are required for accessing your files on the server by using an FTP client. Hi Finally i found where the global css file was so I could copy it into notepad & make some changes. So really basic question is. how do. Make sure you have to proper file access for the directory where you've put prestashop. In FileZilla you can right click directories and go. BUILD A WORKBENCH PLANS

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Email Required, but never shown. The Overflow Blog. Time to get on trend. Best practices to increase the speed for Next. Featured on Meta. The Future of our Jobs Ad slots. This tutorial will show you how to install PrestaShop on a Simple Hosting instance. PrestaShop is a web application that allows you to create a fully functional online store.

It is one of the most commonly used applications for e-commerce sites. PrestaShop is open source and free to access. Its continuing development is supported by a large, active community of developers. A domain name where you will host your instance. This tutorial is specifically aimed at users who have purchased their domain name through Gandi.

You can buy one from us. Learn more about transferring files over sFTP. The first step is creating a site on your simple hosting instance. Do this by going to your Simple Hosting interface. Next, click on the name of the instance you want to use to deploy your PrestaShop site. Enter the name of the site you want to create. This step is important since this is the name your customers will use to find your shop. After you type in your name our system will validate that you have the right to use the domain name.

This should only take a few seconds. You can then confirm your site is available by going to the address you used above, such as shop. When you open phpMyAdmin you will be prompted for the instance username and password in a dialog box. These are explained below:. The instance username. This is a 7 digit number that was automatically generated when you created your instance. The instance password. You provided this password when your instance was created. When you reach the phpMyAdmin you will log in using your database username and password.

This is different than the username and password for your instance.

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You should now have a hosting space at your disposal, and a folder on your hard-drive with the uncompressed PrestaShop archive. This step makes you upload the PrestaShop files on your hosting space. This is done using a FTP client. Download it and install it. If not, ask for them to your host — or check your spam folder. Now that you are connected to your hosting space, it is time to transfer the PrestaShop files from your computer to your server.

Keep it open. This can change a lot, depending on both your host and your needs:. Connect to it using your account credentials, which your host provided you with. It should be accessible through a standard URL, tied to your domain name, or that of your host. In the left column, you can see the current databases. The name of the database will be added to the list on the left.

From there on, you just have to read and click. If you do not explicitly agree to the license, you cannot install PrestaShop. The second page makes a quick check of all the server parameters on your host, and if nothing wrong is found, takes you directly to the third step.

This page checks that everything is OK with your server configuration: PHP settings, permissions on files and folders. If anything goes wrong, the installer stops you here, enabling you to see the few technical details that need fixing, be it changing the PHP configuration or updating the file permissions. While changing the PHP configuration can only be done on a case-by-case basis depending on your level of access to your server, and therefore cannot be explained here, updating the file permissions is easier to explain.

This will require you to access your remote files, and therefore use your FTP client such as FileZilla. Log-in to your server account using your FTP client, browse to the PrestaShop folder, and find the folders that are marked by the installer as in need of a permission change. It will open a small window. This page contains a form that enables you to tell PrestaShop where the database server is, and which database it should use, along with a few other details.

Choose the prefix for your tables. PrestaShop relies heavily on e-mail for notifications, both for the shop owner and its customers. Note that this is reserved to advanced users. This might take a few minutes in the slower server. This is where you can already start customizing your shop: give it a name and a logo, indicate its main activity, and indicate the personal information for the shop owner which has legal binding in most countries ….

You can also choose to use PrestaShop simply as catalog, which will disable all purchase and payment features, even if temporarily. This is useful when you are setting your shop up for first time, as it insures that no purchase can be made until you are ready to let people shop on your site. You can choose to install them or not.

As you can read about right on the final page of the installation process, there are a couple of last actions to perform before you can call it a success. This is done using your FTP client, directly on the server. Log in to the PrestaShop back-office and start filling out your products catalog and configuring the many settings to suit your tastes and needs. After that, you will be able to see all the files included in the remote ftp server.

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Following this process will reduce the chance of any bugs and problems that can disrupt the operation of your site and cause you to lose time and money. However, no matter how small your site, it's never a good idea to only have a production environment. If WAMP was installed correctly, you should see 2 folders: the Prestashop folder you just copied and a phpMyAdmin folder, which will let you create and manage your databases.

Installing Prestashop. You will need to create a new database for Prestashop. To do this, login to your hosting company's cPanel interface and look for the database link. Create a new database and assign a new username and password for it; make sure to write them down, since you will need to enter them during the Prestashop installation process. Most modern hosting companies especially ones using cPanel will not work properly with permission levels higher than ; the reason is that which is instructed in the Prestashop installation guide is extremely insecure and even a novice hacker can use it to exploit your site.

For example, if you try to set the permissions of the modules folder to , your host will block any. If you try to access any of those files, you will get an " Error " making the module unusable. Some old hosts or ones that were not configured properly will not be able to work with and will require ; it is highly recommended to stay away from such hosts.

Once the database is created and permissions are set, you can start the installation process and follow all the steps replacing any permission with After the installation and in the long run. Now that Prestashop is installed and your site is up and running, it is important to keep it that way. The most important, yet often neglected part is proper backup. It is often compared with going to the dentist- no one wants to do it, until it's too late.

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