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Fortinet isrg root x1

fortinet isrg root x1

The Remote CA Certificate list includes the issuing Let's Encrypt intermediate CA, issued by the public CA ISRG Root X1 from Digital Signature Trust Company. To. FortiGate Expired SSL certificate - users unable to access some websites I also import ISRG Root X1 root certificate, but I'm not sure. Experts had been warning for weeks that there would be issues resulting from the expiration of root CA certificates provided by Lets. XEN CITRIX FREE Fortinet isrg root x1 resolutie anydesk


I would not say this is a bug incorrect but would consider it as misconfiguration of the webservers cert chain. If the server admin would simply remove the x1 cert from the chain, the FG would use the built in, new X1 CA and could verify successfully. The only was FN could resolve the issues is by not only follow the path suggested by the servers' chain, but check any cert against the factory and user trusted certs as well.

As a bad workaround I have set "allow" expired certificate in the ssl inspection for the moment :. Great thread guys, many thanks indeed. Currently i also only see 'allow expired' as a temporary workaround. This workaround works for us E, 7. My thoughts exactly. Fortinet Community. Help Sign In. Fortinet Forum. The Forums are a place to find answers on a range of Fortinet products from peers and product experts. Fortinet Community Fortinet Forum Some. I've explicitly allowed the blocked sites and still same error: This Connection is Invalid.

A secure connection to www. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. LucD New Contributor. ThibM New Contributor. Here's a link to an article of Let's Encrypt, written back in May: I hope Fortinet gets this right for future cases Good luck! In response to ThibM. In response to ffischer.

In response to simonorch. Alucard New Contributor. In response to boneyard. I think removing the X3 certifcate from the trust store on the Fortigate should also solve this. Our first response was to validate the certificate chain. The reason this workaround worked for Android Devices is that they do not check the notAfter field of trust anchors.

Scott Helme has his own description for the cross-signing in his post. We have removed the offending expired certificate from the certificate store, however, this still does not solve the problem due to the Authority Information Access — CA Issuers entry. This tells the client how to rebuild the chain of trust if the anchor is not available in the local certificate store.

So, FortiGate heads off to the URL and downloads the now-expired certificate and we are back to square one, failing the connection due to an incomplete certificate chain of trust. For sites under your own control, changing your server certificate to using the alternative chain will remove this issue, except for pre For third-party sites outside of your control, customers can turn off this certificate expiration validation using the following CLI as a temporary workaround:.

Fortinet isrg root x1 anydesk interactive access allow always

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